BALDHIP Magazine: Issue 08

Rob Wilson Engle

A Prescription

I don’t know what to do when I’m not missing anyone
                                                                    except to think
that I once fell in love
                      with a bad woman.
If you’ve ever been in a pinewood charged with needle
                                                                        and light
                                                                        you know
it’s impossible not to. A bough breaks.
                                                                  The snow comes
and humbles me.
                          Delicate and small. Falling
                                        together into something secure.
Today, I’m left in bed with my thoughts
and my body
        		cock sticking to my thigh
        				          limbs twisted into sheets
        				          like a fantasy.
Sometimes it’s possible
                                          not to be disappointed in love.
Just open your stomach when a train goes by.