Asela Lee Kemper


Dog 			  whines about how her mother
Ox 			          doesn’t listen when
Horse 			  speaks about superheroes, but his dad
Rabbit 			  tells him to see the reality. Mother
Ox 			          agrees but tries to converse with
Dog 			  but she wants to keep writing, and writing, and writing about
Ox. 			  She asks if
Dog 			  has eaten dinner yet.
Horse 			  tells his sister about getting ready to watch Master Chef together.
Dog 		  	  secretly wants
Horse 			  to stop talking.
Dog 		  	  wants to talk to
Rabbit 		 	  but he brings
Ox. 			  She talks about how
Dog 			  isn’t accomplishing anything.

                                                  They never stop yelling at each other.