Scott Laudati

Time Won't Save Us Now

i sit above
them at my
desk and look
down at the bars.

all the bars
all with
400 ipa’s on tap
and 80 imported bottles.
and they come
from parts of the
world i used
to dream about
going but
it seems impossible
now that a place like
prague actually
and you can go there if you want
and people there
are sitting
and drinking
just like you.

and when i think about prague
i feel like they
just know
and they never
feel the tension.
they can
sit and drink
and waste time
they can’t fall far
enough to bypass
pity, they’ll never know
american blame

and they scream
and fight
and the girls cry
into cell phones
and men with
good haircuts
but loose khakis
and polo shirts
rule my city now.
and they follow the
girls and
promise them something
i can’t

new york
it doesn’t matter
anymore if you
can dress yourself.
a good haircut here
costs $150
a week.
in a city
where no one drives,
that says
the same
about a man
a Maserati does
somewhere else.

it still
the same
about me